Stop Fighting, Start Living

Coral Beach Village is a private membership community for people who value freedom AND comfort. The presale ends soon!

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Resort-like Experience

Imagine sipping on a cool drink as you watch the sun set on an endless expanse of turquoise blue waves. Imagine living in a tropical island paradise with family, friends, and hundreds of freedom loving neighbors. Imagine a Caribbean vacation that never ends. What you are imagining is Coral Beach Village.

What kind of freedom do you want?

We define freedom as being able to enjoy your life in peace with other like-minded individuals. Not only is that possible in Utila, it's possible today. That's why we're here.


Its central timezone and close proximity to the US make, Utila convenient to visit, live, and work.

Low Taxes

With no taxes on foreign-sourced income and low taxes everywhere else, CBV can offer big tax savings


With its nature, beaches, and scuba diving, Utila offers one a healthy, active, and car-free lifestyle.


Coral Beach Village is one of the few destinations in which expats can apply for home financing.


CBV is full of great people and thus is an ideal location to meet friends, business partners, or a spouse!

Minimal Government

From roads to security almost all matters in Coral Beach Village are handled by the private sector.


Utila has year-round warm weather, but unlike most Caribbean islands, it is outside of the hurricane belt.


Diversify you portfolio with international real estate in fast-growing Honduras. Buy a condo and apply for Hondurian Residency!

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